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explosion proof Industrial Bench Scales

Model: BS

Unit: Sets

Unit price: $50~$500/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • Model BS
  • YUBO

1. Stainless steel rectangular pipe welding structure.

2. Stainless-steel 304 platform (cover).

3. With OIML R60 approved explosion proof load cells.

4. With bracket (stainless steel) and column(Φ38mm stainless-steel tube) for the indicator.

5. Surface finishing: sandblasting or polish (mirror surface )

6. Stainless steel rubber protection cover optional

Technique parameter:

Model Capacity(kg) Number of Division Platform size(mm)
BSS303 3~150 3000~10000 300×300
BSS404 30~300 3000~10000 400×400
BSS405 30~300 3000~10000 400x500
BSS456 30~600 3000~10000 450×600
BSS505 30~600 3000~10000 500x500
BSS606 50~600 3000~10000 600x600
BSS808 50~600 3000~10000 800x800

Explosion Proof Indicator:





1. The charge mode is same as mobile phone’s. You can either charge when it is a complete machine, or remove the instinct safe battery pack, and let the battery pack charge separately."

2.Charging port are taken to special treatment, even though the port be exposed, or short circuit happened, there is no risk at all.

3.AC and DC can exist at the same time. Avoid the traditional defect that when use AC, instinct safe battery pack must be removed, and when use DC, AC must be removed.

4.With simple correction, animal weighing function 

5.Low power consumption, long standby time(72 hours after full charge) 

6.E0833 is LCD display with backlighting, it’s function is more powerful.

7. Explosion-proof sign: ExibIICT4//T5




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