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S Type Load Cell

Model: TCS Series

Unit: Sets

Unit price: $25~$60/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • YUBO
  • TCS

·Shear stress measurement mode, can sustain the pull and the stress; 

·Good output symmetry, compact structure, convenient installation, high precision, good stability; 

·Can be used to manufacture the crane scale, blending scale and electro-mechanic scale, etc. 

Technical Parameter: 


Rated capacities(Emax) 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 250kg 300kg 500kg 1000kg
Rated output (2±0.002)mV/V
Total error ±0.02% F.S
Repeatability ±0.01% F.S
Creep error(30min) ±0.02%F.S/30min
Working voltage, recommend 5V~12V(AC or DC)
Working voltage, maximum 15V(AC or DC)
Zero balance ±1% F.S
Input impedance (390±10)Ω
Output impedance (351±2)Ω
Insulation impedance ≥5000MΩ
Safe overload 150%F.S
Ultimate overload 200% F.S
Temperature range, operating (-30~+70)℃
Temperature range, compensated (-10~+60)℃
TC SPAN ±0.02%F.S/10K
TCO ±0.02% F.S/10K
Construction Alloy Steel
Protection class IP67/IP68
Quoted standard GB/T7551-1997/OIML R60
Wiring method Red: Exc+, Black: Exc-, Green: Sig+, White: Sig-

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