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Online High-speed Checkweigher

Model: static weighing scale indicator
Unit: Sets

Unit price: $1000~$10000/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • 7300
  • YUBO


Technical parameters:
a. Maximum capacity:60kg
b. Minimum capacity:1.0kg
c.Displayed division value:0.02kg
d.Dynamic weighing accuracy:≥±20kg
e.Maximum length of object:800mm
f.Minimum distance between objects:≥±2000mm
g. Working width of belt of checkweigher:600mm
Total width of checkweigher:850mm(customizable)
h. Working length of weighing line:1000mm (customizable)
i. Speed of belt line:60m/min,adjustable
Note: All the accessories of automatic checkweigher can also be customized to meet your special requirements and to join into your production line perfectly.
Brief introduction of Online High-speed Checkweiher System:

Online checkweigher is a kind of high-accuracy online weight-checking equipment. It mainly weighs the passing packed goods online in packing lines. It can check out qualification/ overweight/ lessweight of products and eliminate (alarm) the unqualified ones; the whole inspection makes little change in the original working process of packing line. This kind of scale can also be applied in delivering conveyor and be connected to computer controller so that it can greatly improve efficiency in delivering the packed goods and improve accuracy, reliability, credibility of ration delivery. In this way, it can avoid series of problemms caused by human factors.

System components:

We recommend online checkweigher with computer controlling system to meet the needs of customers.

The controlling systemconsists of online checkweigher, industrial controlling computer and printer. What's more, it is equipped with corresponding software and program to finish the managing task such as ration delivery, data recording, and statistics, etc. The online checkweigher mainly consists of weighing indicator with input and output, programmable controller PLC, panel, decelerating motor, inverter, friendly man-machine interface, and system protection, etc.

System Functions:

a. Monitoring Level: Computer in the office possess three functions as operating, monitoring and managing.

Parameters of total shipments are sent out by monitoring computer and executed by online checkweigher. Monitoring level carries out "vestigial management" on the checkweigher. This is to mean that all the operation, working and results are recorded with real time and then generate reports. The production reports are saved in data base and can be viewed or printed anytime you want.

b. Controlling Level: Controlling level is mainly dominated by programmable controller (PLC).

PLC turns on and off corresponding driver circuit according to control instructions to complete the domination of equipment. It can deliver data such as working state of equipment and collected flow to mnitoring computer through internet with real time going.

c. Equipment Level: Checkweigher (including weighing indicator, load cell, counter, etc) is located on equipment. PLC will control the operation of equipment, detect its operating state and collect the operating data.



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