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Model LS Livestock Scale

Model: LS series

Unit: Sets

Unit price: $50~$500/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • LS series
  • YUBO

1. Mild steel, powder coated(galvanized is also available), durable
2. Rugged diamond safety treadplate deck
3. Fitted with 4 shear-beam alloy steel approved load cells with IP67 protection from dust and water
4. Any other size can be customized
5. All stainless steel structure is optional.
6. Shielded 5m long cable with connectors for connection to the indicator



Suitable for weighing all kinds of animals detachable structure, easy for washing. Standard version is with approved load cell.


Model Max.cap. Division Platform size
LS1212 1 , 2T 0.5kg,1.0kg 1.2x1.2m
LS1215 LS1215 1 , 2T 1.2x1.5m
LS1515 1 , 2T 0.5kg,1.0kg 1.5x1.5m
LS1520 1 , 2T 0.5kg,1.0kg 1.5x2.0m
LS2020 1 , 2T 0.5kg,1.0kg 2.0x2.0m

Product Pictures:

牲畜秤 带仪表 灰色
牲畜秤 灰色 侧面图


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