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LPG-120 filling machine

Model: GY7170A

Unit: Sets

Unit price: $700~$2000/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • LPG-120
  • YUBO



Item Details
Power supply Single phase 220V  50Hz
Power 30W
Max. capacity 120kg
Min. capacity 1kg
Division value 50g
Accuracy class III
Operating temperature -40℃~50℃
Operating humidity Relative humidity≤90%
Operating pressure 2.2MPa
Weighing platform size 420mm×530mm
Explosion proof mark Ex ibⅡCT5




1. Double row super bright nixie tube display, can display multiple information

2. Equip with built-in clock circuit, can display and record filling time

3. User can set the filling weight at will

4. Can set total weight filling, automatic net weight filling and recombination filling(both set value of total weight and net weight functions)

5. Refuse to fill function when the empty bottle weight is lower than the lower limit, and restriction function when it is higher than the upper limit(to avoid accidental overweight)

6. Classify accumulated total, store different filling weight and bottle quantity, liquefied gas total weight and sum

7. Can check via sequence and condition(Work number, time, client number)

8. With password protector of main set up parameter and accumulated value to avoid the man-made damage

9). With power-off data protection function

10. With computer communication function





This product is composed of scale body, hanging bracket, power supply control box, controller, keyboard, display, explosion-proof solenoid valve (and filling gun).




Liquefied pertroleum gas filling machine, explosion-proof suitable for using in LPG Filling station









Wooden case


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