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BF7250A Series Valve Bag Ration Packing Machine

Model: BF7250A

Unit: Sets

Unit price: $1000~$10000/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • BF7250A
  • YUBO

Valve Bag Ration Packing Machine

1)  Mechatronics structure intelligent Weighing System
2)  Intelligent weighing system
3)  The parts touching material are all made of stainless steel SUS304
4)  Good sealing, small dust leakage
5)  Good quality weighing controlling indicator, load cell and air-pumping executing components
6)  Can be used in valve bag packing
7)  Reserved for RS485 serial port, with access to data communication with external management system

BF7250A valve bag ration packing machine according to the company for many years in the granules, powder valve bag packing industry experience in the material handling in the customer's production needs, under field conditions, conduct research and design. YUBO company developed a reasonable structure, complete functions, reliable performance, high degree of automation and electronic ration packing machine.



Application scope:talc, calcium carbonate, high territory, mica, barium sulfate, calcium lightweight, cement, dry mortar, rubber powder production and processing industry, all kinds of powder or fine granular material valve bag ration packing.

Shape & structure: 



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