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Automatic Vehicle Weighing System

Model: Atomstic Truck Scale
Unit: Sets

Unit price: $1000~$20000/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • AVW
  • YUBO
Brief Introduction of System:

The non-guard intelligent weighing system is on intelligent weighing controlling system which is integrated by truck scale weighing, multi-truck scale net weighing system, cheating-proof weighing system, long-range weighing system and long-range supervising and controlling weighing system. 

This system designed by YUBO now is very mature and stable, and it has a wide range of applications.


1. Realize network management of several truck scales and data can be shared.

2. There are two methods of reading cards: short distance and long distance. The vehicles can realize one truck, one card.

3. It can strengthen system domination to ensure security of system through assistant systems such as video supervising grab-shooting system, automatic voice prompt system, signal alarm system, etc.

4. Measurement process is supervised at real time and inquiry about history is supported.

5. Business documents are printed automatically.

6. Complete anti-cheating system to ensure correctness of measurement process

7. Measurement process runs automatically to improve working efficiency and reduce operating cost. There is no need of weighman to operate during the whole process.

8. Vehicles can pass the scale in both directions.
Work flow
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