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7100 series explosion proof Liquild filling machine

Model: GY7170A

Unit: Sets

Unit price: $700~$6000/set

Min Order: 1 set

  • 7100 series
  • YUBO



The anti-explosion liquid filling machine manufactured by YUBO company can fill all kinds of containers, iron drums or plastic drums which are approved in business trading. It can realize accurate ration filling between 10kg to 2000kg.


Three basic methods of filling according to different characteristics of liquid:

1. Upon the head of drum(suitable for liquid of relatively large viscidity and not easy to splash)
2. Inside the head of drum(suitable for liquid of relatively small viscidity and easy to splash or to cause foam)
3. Under the liquid level(suitable for liquid which is easy to cause large amount of foam and poisoned volatilizing gas)


Basic parts of anti-explosion liquid filling machine from YUBO

1. Filling device
2. Electronic control device
3. Air control device
4. Weighing device
5. Up and down cylinder
6. Big and small ball valve
7. Options: conveyor, capper, touch monitor, managing software monitoring the material, calculator, printer and so on.


Parameters of anti-explosion filling machine

1) Accuracy:±2‰FS
2) Capacity:10kg~300kg(Maximum can be 2000kg)
3) Speed:200L/min(It needs enough diameter of pipe and flow velocity of material)
4) Air pressure:0.6±0.1(MPa)   Flow rate: 12m3/h
5) Power supply:AC  220V   50Hz
6) Mark of anti-explosion:Exd(ia)ⅡBT6


Main functions:

1,Automatic ration filling at both fast and slow speed, the rising speed of spray gun can be adjusted.
2,Method of gross weight or net weight are optional.
3,Working upon or under liquid level are optional.
4,Automatic or manual are optional.
5,Possessing functions such as automatic tarring, automatic diagnose, breakdown alarm, permissible deviation checking and so on.


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